Who We Are

Is this ThinAli guy actually real?

So, who actually are you guys?

ThinAli is a bunch of online entrepreneurs, SEO specialists and a thin guy called Ali.

We have spent over £50m on our own marketing and developed some incredible products, software and teams to help us grow in industries from Finance to SaaS.

During that journey we built and sold our own SEO agency to support our business and because we enjoyed it.

Over the years we helped 1000+ websites rank and dominate their own industries and of course blogger outreach was a large part of their and our success.

After placing upwards of 25,000 blogger outreach placements we had a process and a system that we realised was incredible and potentially market leading.

So, now we have sold the SEO agency and have been quietly focused for months on building an incredible blogger outreach product and system that is cheaper, faster, safer and more reliable for you and your clients.

We feel that someone should be the benchmark, and we decided it should be us.

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